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Restaurant Design

We’ll help you design an interior decor that is stunning with finishing touches that are sure to delight your customers.

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360 Express

We can create a quick concept for investor or landlord approval for your restaurant idea within a matter of a week’s time.

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We can help you with creating your brand identity anything from your name to the design of your logo.

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We build successful restaurants and restaurant chains by going beyond architecture and interior design…. With special expertise in the “Fast Casual” category, 360 restaurantdesign is the conceptual process which identifies the “essence” of a restaurant concept and builds from within, touching a 360 degree view including design, graphics, lighting, food prep, customer service, etc.

As a restaurant designer, we understand how vital design is to the success of any restaurant, from a fast food outlet or “fast casual” to high-end, fine dining establishments. We believe that a stylish, effective interior can set your restaurant apart from the competition and create a comfortable, welcoming environment for your customers.

Your restaurant’s interior can have a range of positive effects for your business, from drawing in customers to creating a unique dining experience, strengthening your brand and encouraging customers to return.

We offer a complete range of interior design services for restaurants of all types and sizes, from small businesses to established brands. Our goal is simple: to create the perfect interior for your restaurant concept, target audience and ideal customer experience.

Our Process

Our process is all about achieving your key objectives. We start by looking at your restaurant category.

We understand how important the aesthetics of your restaurant are for success. From color to furniture, decorating and more, our team uses every aesthetic element to create an environment that perfectly matches your vision.

We take a 360 degree approach to interior design. This means that we don’t just look at interior decorating in isolation, but as one essential part of several in designing, planning and building your restaurant as a whole.

Using our “360 Wall of Ideas” process, we’ll build a compelling, cohesive brand image for your restaurant that both matches and complements its interior.


Unlike many other restaurant designs and planning companies, we have decades of experience not just designing and planning restaurants, but also running them. Our expert team is made up of restaurants designers, and previous restaurant owners and operators, who can give you a unique insight into effective interior. We take safety and regulatory factors into account throughout the planning process, ensuring that your restaurant is a safe environment for diners.

We’re here to help you set your restaurant apart from the crowd with a welcoming, engaging and effective restaurant interior.

With our 20+ years of experience being restaurant operators, we can help you apply the correct strategies and tactics so you will succeed in business.

Serving Southern California areas:
Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego

International Tokyo, Singapore


“As previous restaurant owners/operators, 360 Restaurant Design understand how to make profitable concepts that actually work.”

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We are ready to help you achieve success in your restaurant endeavors. Let’s create something amazing together.

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