3 Surprising Ways Restaurant Interior Affects Dining Experience

RestaurantBelieve it or not, there’s far more to restaurant design than just choosing a color scheme and furniture that matches your brand identity.

From the layout of your restaurant to your choices of furniture, color scheme and lighting, the way you choose to decorate your restaurant affects everything from the way your customers perceive your food to the emotions they feel while dining.

Because of this, having a thorough, proven interior design for your restaurant before you start decorating is an essential.

Below, we’ve shared three surprising ways the interior design of your restaurant can affect the dining experience, from creating a home-like, welcoming atmosphere to putting the look, feel and taste of our food front and center in each customers’ mind.

The Right Colors Can Create Comfort, or Inspire Urgency

Have you noticed that almost every major fast food chain uses the color red in their logo? It’s not just about attracting attention (although red is very good at standing out), but also to create a sense of urgency that encourages customers to order and enjoy their food quickly.

Researchers have found that red, the color used in almost all fast food logos and decorating schemes, can inspire feelings of urgency. This urgency is what draws you in when you see a fast food sign, and also what encourages you to leave as soon as you’ve finished.

You can use color in the design of your restaurant similarly. Eye-catching colors like red and yellow are fantastic for attracting attention but far from perfect for comfortable dining, while a light, natural color like brown or dark blue can create feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Your Layout Can Develop Exclusivity or a Busy, Popular Feel

The layout of your restaurant does more than just determine where people can sit. By setting up your restaurant for large crowds in a relatively tight space — with tables close together and very little open space — you can create the image of a crowded, popular dining spot.

Place the tables a little further apart and you’ll make your restaurant feel far more luxurious and exclusive.

In short, your restaurant’s layout does more than just dictate your capacity limit. It also has an impact on the way people perceive your restaurant, from a busy local dining spot to a romantic, exclusive place to enjoy a night out with someone special.

Decorating Delivers a Message About Your Food Quality

Imagine your eating a delicious, juicy steak. It’s cooked just right and served with your favorite side dish. The only problem is that you’re eating it off of a paper plate using a disposable knife and fork, all on a plain table without any linens.

Changes your image of the food, doesn’t it? Your choice of table linens, chairs, dishware, cutlery and other items might not seem like interior decor, but it can have just as much of an impact on the way customers perceive your food as your restaurant’s layout and color scheme.

Aiming for an exclusive, high quality image? When in doubt, opt for more formal than you need — not only will you impress your customers with your decorating, you’ll also make them perceive your food as being more exclusive, expertly prepared and higher in quality.

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