5 Great Interior Design Tips for Small Restaurants

RestaurantDecorating a small restaurant can be a serious challenge. With limited space, fitting tables and other furniture into your space can be surprisingly difficult, especially if your goal is to serve as many customers as possible during peak times.

Luckily, with a few small changes to your tactics, designing your small or mid-sized restaurant can be easier that you’d expect. From downsizing your furniture to working out a physical flow path, a variety of tactics can massively simplify the process of your restaurant interior design Los Angeles.

Are you preparing to open a small restaurant in Los Angeles? Below, we’ve shared five simple but effective tips to make decorating your restaurant a breeze, helping you to serve more customers, create loyal customer relationships and maximize your revenue.

Focus on Functional Physical Flow

Great restaurants are all about physical flow. There’s flow to and from the kitchen that your table staff need to be aware of. There’s flow from the entrance to the interior that has a huge effect on your customers. There’s even flow from the tables to the bathroom, counter and other spaces.

When you’re designing and decorating your restaurant, focus on establishing a smooth sense of flow between key areas. If your staff and customers can’t effortlessly move from one part of your restaurant to another, your design might be too tight, cluttered and dense.

Add Small, Space-Saving Details

Need to save space? Use tools like coat hooks underneath your counters and dining tables to make life easier for your customers, all while freeing up space. Need extra tabletop space for salt, pepper and condiments? Consider adding an extra level underneath the table.

These small, space-saving details might not seem very important, but they can make a huge difference if you’re opening a restaurant in a small, cramped space.

Low Budget? Keep it Simple

While it’s fine to stretch your budget to create something special, you’ll almost always get the best results by focusing on simplicity.

Used effectively, simplicity can work in your favor. By making your food the start of the show while sticking with simple, utilitarian tables and chairs, you can set your restaurant apart from the crowd as a place for people who care about flavor, not just looks.

Stick With Compact Furniture

One of the most effective ways to save space and seat more people inside your restaurant is to downsize your tables, countertops and other food serving areas to only provide the space your customers truly need.

Tight space? Consider using bar tables instead of conventional dining tables. Not only will you save space and increase your seating capacity — you’ll also create a fun, after-work dining feel that can turn your restaurant into a local favorite.

Use Artwork to Expand Your Space

Want to make your space feel bigger? Before you take a sledgehammer to the walls, consider using artwork to make your restaurant’s interior look and feel bigger than it really is.

Used the right way, artwork can visually expand your restaurant, creating the illusion of larger spaces and higher ceilings. Stick to lightly colored, expensive paintings, prints and photos to make your restaurant’s walls feel a little further apart.

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