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Los Angeles - restaurant interior and floor planAre you planning to open a restaurant in the Los Angeles area? As specialists in design, planning, branding and architecture, we’re here to make sure your new Los Angeles restaurant is a success. From planning your merchandise space to designing your interior, branding and more, we offer a complete range of services for restaurants of all types, sizes and locations. Our experienced team has helped a huge range of restaurants, from fast casual to upmarket dining locations, stand out from the crowd, attract attention and build loyal, lucrative customer bases. Ready to turn your concept into a reality? For more information about our services or to request a consultation, please contact us now or continue reading below.

Set Your Business Up For Success

Opening, running and growing a successful restaurant chain isn’t an easy task. In fact, the vast majority of new establishments struggle to gain traction, with approximately 17% of newly opened restaurants closing their doors within the first 12 months. In highly competitive Los Angeles, making your establishment stand out from the crowd is an even tougher prospect. Los Angeles consistently tops the lists of global foodie cities, making it one of the most selective, discerning markets for restaurant patrons. As specialists in restaurant planning, design, architecture and branding, we understand exactly what goes into a successful restaurant, as well as the key mistakes that can set your business back and prevent it from becoming a success. Our approach to planning and design is developed around our proprietary “360 Wall of Ideas” — a unique process that allows us to take a 360° look at your concept and brand from competitive positioning, customer service, revenue and other perspectives. Using our 360° approach, our aim is simple: to plan and design a brand that helps your business stand out from the crowd, setting you up for successful results.

Glimpse of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home to four million people in the United States, making it one of the most populous city in the country. Nicknamed as the “city of angels”, Los Angeles is famous for Hollywood, which makes it the center of the global entertainment industry. Some of its important landmarks include the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Boulevard, Capitol Records Building Dolby Theatre, Griffith Observatory, Getty Center, Getty Villa, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It has a very diverse economy with industries like entertainment, international trade, technology, aerospace and fashion contributing to its status as one of the most competitive financial center globally.

Our Services

We offer a complete range of restaurant planning, architecture, interior design and branding services for businesses in the Los Angeles area. From “fast casual” to upmarket dining, our team works with restaurant businesses of all types, price points and sizes.


Every great restaurant starts with a thorough, detailed plan. As specialists in restaurant and other food service business planning, our team can develop a complete, effective plan that’s formulated around your branding and business goals. From merchandise space planning to your presentation, our planning process is designed to take into account every factor that contributes to your business’ success, giving you a thorough guide to make the process of establishing your restaurant easier.


Interior design is a huge factor in the success of your business. From your choice of colors to furniture, layout, decorations and more, the choices you make for your design can have a huge impact on its appeal to customers, brand image and public perception. As specialists in “fast casual” dining, we’ve designed eye-catching, welcoming interiors for an extensive range of successful restaurants in the Los Angeles area, helping businesses achieve their marketing, revenue and customer retention goals.


From the name, logo and color scheme to your use of in-store and menu graphics, the branding decisions you make as a restaurant owner can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Our team of branding specialists can handle each and every aspect of your brand design, from selecting your restaurant’s name for optimal recognition to choosing a memorable logo, picking effective typefaces, designing your in-store graphics and more.


Building a restaurant is a complex process — one that’s made easier by a detailed architectural plan. As specialists in restaurant design Los Angeles, we can provide a complete plan for your restaurant’s exterior design, as well as the construction documents required for you to make progress. Beyond design, our team can provide the engineering expertise required to turn your restaurant idea into a reality. From small, local restaurants to “fast casual” dining chains, we’re here to take care of the nitty-gritty of designing, planning and building your new restaurant.

360 Express

Do you need landlord and investor approval as soon as possible? Our 360 Express service is ideal for winning the approval of the key people required to turn your concept into a reality. From a thorough restaurant concept to merchandise space planning, interior design and more, we’ll put together a quick, effective concept to help you earn approval from investors, landlords and other parties responsible for your restaurant’s success.


From layout to equipment specifications, construction documents and more, our experienced team can provide a complete design and action plan to help you purchase and assemble the ideal kitchen.

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From planning to interior and exterior design, branding and more, it’s essential that you have a detailed, complete concept ready before you start building your restaurant. As restaurant designer and planning specialists, we’ve helped restaurant owners quickly develop their ideas from a simple concept into a working, profitable business. If you’re planning to open a restaurant in the Los Angeles area, we’re here to help. For more information about our restaurant design, planning and branding services or to request a consultation, please contact us now.


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