Make Your Restaurant Instagram-Worthy With These 3 Design Hacks

Make Your Restaurant InstagramWhen you’re searching for new places to eat, where do you turn? For some people, websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp are their first choice when searching for new restaurants, offering an extensive variety of reviews, ratings and other customer feedback.

For others, it’s the recommendation of a friend or relative — a testimonial that can either sell a restaurant as a great place to eat or warn against a bad choice. For others, it’s Facebook that serves up the best restaurant recommendations, usually from friends’ reviews and check-ins.

All of these social platforms and personal relationships can be great marketing tools for your restaurant. They also all pale in comparison to Instagram, a marketing platform that’s built, in many ways, with restaurants in mind.

From expertly-photographed pictures of your food to snapshots of your decor, Instagram is a great platform for promoting your restaurant. Even better, there’s no need to do it all yourself; with the right approach, your customers will promote your restaurant for you.

Need some help figuring out how to develop your restaurant into an Instagram-worthy place to eat? Below, we’ve shared three actionable, effective hacks for your restaurant design Los Angeles that you can use to maximize your restaurant’s popularity, results and success on Instagram.

Design an Interior That’s Never Boring

Instagram isn’t just about posting aesthetically-pleasing images, it’s about being interesting. If your restaurant’s interior is middle-of-the-road and conventional, it’s hard to make it stand out from the crowd as an Instagram snapshot.

Rather than aiming to impress, the key to designing and decorating your restaurant for social platforms like Instagram is to make sure it’s never boring.

This could mean switching from standard cutlery to unusual, eye-catching knives, forks and other utensils you found at a unique, quirky shop. It could mean adding unique paintings and prints to your restaurant’s walls to create a creative, interesting vibe.

Regardless of which option you choose, the key message is simple: never be boring. Social networking users will post things that are beautiful, ugly, unique, quirky and odd, but it’s very unlikely they’ll share something that’s bland, predictable and boring.

Light Your Restaurant for Attractive Photos (and People)

Here’s an awkward truth of decorating your restaurant for Instagram: people are more likely to share their photos if both they and their food look good.

In short, if Instagram popularity is your goal, light your restaurant to make customers look more attractive in their photos. This means using soft lighting, keeping your lights around eye level (to avoid awkward, downward-facing shadows) and seating people towards light sources.

While this can sound a little excessive, it makes a big difference when it comes to creating an interior that encourages sharing. After all, people are far more likely to share photos in which they look good than dark, poorly-lit photos with shadows, unfortunate angles and noise.

Make Your Food Look (and Taste) Great

In the world of Instagram, looks matter. You can have the tastiest pancakes in town, but if they aren’t arranged perfectly on the plate with the right fruit, toppings and other sides, it’s far from likely that they’ll attract the attention of Instagram users.

Instead of only allowing design principles to apply to the interior of your restaurant, keep your design hat on when you’re planning your meals. Focus on dishes that look eye-catching and unique, as these are the most likely to perform well when shared on Instagram.

Now, it goes without saying that looks can’t ever be a replacement for taste. Instead of putting all of your attention towards looks, aim to strike a balance between beautiful presentation and food that stands on its own for its flavor. That is Instagram perfection.

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