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interior design & floor planningWould you like to turn your restaurant idea into a reality? Opening and running a restaurant can be a stressful, challenging process, making it important that you have a complete plan, concept and design ready before you begin.

As restaurant designer and planning experts, we can prepare a thorough, design, architecture and branding plan for your establishment. Our experienced team has worked with a large range of food service businesses over the years, from “fast casual” dining to high-end restaurants.

Whether your goal is to open a successful neighborhood restaurant or develop the next Orange County dining chain, we’re here to make your endeavor a success.

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Develop a Complete, Proven Plan for Your Food Business

The number one reason 17% of restaurants fail within the first year? Lack of planning. From the look and feel of your restaurant to its layout, kitchen equipment and more, a range of factors go into creating an attractive, successful restaurant brand.

As experts in restaurant design, planning and branding, we understand what separates a great restaurant from the crowd.

As one of the country’s wealthiest areas, Orange County can be a great place to establish your new restaurant brand. However, it’s also a highly competitive environment in which standing out from your competitors is essential for any food service business.

In fact, the cost of doing business in Orange County — whether as a restaurant owner or small business operator — is one of the highest in the country, making it especially important that your restaurant is optimized for revenue and results.

From your restaurant’s interior design to its merchandise space planning, presentation, naming, construction and more, our experienced team can carefully plan every aspect of launching and operating your new business.

Using our “360 Wall of Ideas” process, we’ll prepare everything you need to launch your new restaurant on the right foot, from construction documents to detailed plans for your restaurant’s interior, exterior and kitchen.

From beginning to end, our goal is simple: to turn your idea into a detailed concept with a proven, effective plan for success.

Orange County, California

Known as “The OC”, Orange County is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches, Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. Based on the 2010 Census, Orange County has more than 3 million population, which makes it one of the most populous in the U.S.

Numerous Fortune 500 companies and Fortune 1000 companies have their headquarters in the Orange County. Some of these companies include Ingram Micro, Broadcom, First American Corporation, Allergan, Epicor, Beckman Coulter and Quicksilver.

Our Services

From designing the interior and exterior to preparing the documentation you need to win over investors, landlords and other key stakeholders, our services cover every step in the process of preparing and launching your new restaurant.


Opening a restaurant without a clear, detailed plan is like building a house without a foundation — it’s unlikely to last. Our planning service provides you with a complete plan from merchandise space planning to construction, presentation and more.

With decades of experience, our team has helped to launch and operate a diverse range of food service businesses. Whether you’re opening a “fast casual”, a fast food business or a fine dining restaurant, we can provide an effective plan to help you take action.


The look, feel and layout of the establishment can have a huge impact on everything from public perception to popularity. From interior design to furniture, finishings and layout, our design services give you a complete, ready-to-go design for your new restaurant.

We specialize in design for “fast casual” restaurants and can help your food service business stand out from the crowd with a unique, welcoming design that draws in diners and creates an enjoyable, memorable dining experience.


Great restaurants and built around memorable, effective brands. Whether you’re opening an inexpensive fast food or “fast casual” restaurant or a high-end dining location, it’s important to establish a memorable, eye-catching brand.

From the name to your logo, color scheme, typefaces and more, we specialize in creating effective brands. Drawing on decades of professional experience, our team can build an engaging, highly effective brand identity for your restaurant.


There’s more to restaurant design than just planning and interior decorating. From construction to exterior design, it’s important to have a detailed architectural plan that you can present to investors, landlords, contractors and other stakeholders.

From engineering to construction documents, our expert team can prepare a full architectural plan that includes everything you need to take action and turn your concept into a real business.

360 Express

Do you need a concept to present to your investors? Looking for a detailed report that you can provide to prospective landlords? Our 360 Express service gives you the documents you need to win over key stakeholders, all without the delays of a complete planning service.

Ideal for situations where you need quick approval, we can prepare a quick concept within three to 14 days (depending on your requirements), allowing you to present your concept to investors, landlords and other stakeholders to make progress with your restaurant project.


The design and layout of your kitchen can have a significant impact, affecting everything from efficiency to daily operations. From equipment to layout, our team can design a kitchen that meets your efficiency, budgetary and operational needs.

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Planning to open a new restaurant? We’re here to help. As specialists in restaurant design and planning, our experienced team can prepare everything you need to launch your new business with a clear, proven path towards success.

Our services are available for restaurants of all sizes and types, from fast food and “fast casual” to fine dining and more. For more information about our design, planning and branding services or to request a consultation, please contact us now.


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