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restaurant design & floor plan Your restaurant’s floor plan can have a significant impact on everything from total revenue to customer loyalty. In many locations, it’s also an important part of the process of applying for receiving permits for your new business.

Because of this, it’s important to have a detailed, thorough floor plan before you start developing your restaurant. Our team of experts can develop an optimized floor layout for your establishment that helps you achieve your goals.

We work with restaurants of all types and sizes, from “fast casual” food to high-end dining. As specialists in restaurant design, our experienced team can design your space to maximize your chance of approval, all while prioritizing your revenue and customer experience objectives.

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Why It Matters To You

Restaurant floor planning is one of the most important aspects of restaurant design. From helping you to create a certain customer experience to optimizing your restaurant for more revenue, the right floor layout can have a wide range of benefits for your business.

An effective, safe and customer-friendly floor plan is also an essential part of the legal process of opening your restaurant in the State of California.

As restaurant design specialists, we’ve prepared highly effective floor plans for a diverse range of fast food, “fast casual” and fine dining restos.

Floor plans can vary hugely from one restaurant to another. Restaurants designed for fast food and “fast casual” dining, for example, can have radically different floor designs from bars, upscale restaurants and other food service businesses.

As a restaurant owner, there are numerous benefits to preparing a detailed floor plan for your establishment before you begin the construction process:

  • Regulatory advantages. By law, you’ll almost always need to submit a floor plan for your restaurant before you can receive legal approval to begin construction, meaning this is an essential part of the process of opening your restaurant.
  • Simpler construction and decorating. With a clear, detailed plan ready ahead of time, you’ll find it easier to construct and decorate your restaurant without the ambiguity, confusion and delays that are common in restaurant projects without detailed plan.
  • A stronger, more effective business. From improving ease of ordering in a fast food setting to providing a simpler, more customer-friendly layout, an effective design can have numerous advantages for your business.
  • Better customer experience. From offering multiple dining areas to making navigation easier, the right layout can deliver a better experience for your customers, making it more likely that they’ll become loyal supporters of your restaurant.

Our Process & Why It Works

As restaurant design experts and experienced restaurant operators, we know how important an effective floor plan is for the success of your restaurant.

Our process starts by looking at the key objectives of your restaurant, from your food type and restaurant category (fast food, “fast casual,” fine dining or other) to the specific type of atmosphere you’re aiming to create.

We take safety and regulatory factors into account throughout the process, ensuring that your restaurant is a safe environment for diners. As experienced restaurant operators, we understand the importance of floor plan for receiving regulatory/construction approval.

Depending on your needs and objectives, we can tailor your specific business or recommend a floor design based on our existing experience. While a conventional 60/40 split is common for many restaurants, your specific needs may call for a more unique design.

Our process takes into account every aspect of a successful restaurant, from kitchen space and restrooms to entranceways, waiting areas, bar/countertop areas and dining areas. Based on the type of restaurant you’re opening, we can tailor the ratio of spaces to suit your exact needs.

Finally, our experienced team takes your branding and business goals into account when putting together your floor plan. Depending on your objectives, your plan may aim to maximize use of floor space or provide a more relaxing, “open” environment for diners.

We provide restaurant planning services, ranging from fast food and “fast casual” to fine dining. Our services are available for both new restaurant construction projects and renovations of existing restaurant spaces.

The 360 Restaurant Design Advantage

We use a proprietary “360 Wall of Ideas” process to design your restaurant, allowing us to focus on numerous different elements of restaurant design at once.

From competitive positioning to in-store communications and customer experience, our process isn’t just about designing a floor plan, but ensuring it is part of a cohesive, complementary overall strategy.

Unlike many other restaurant design companies, we have decades of experience not just designing restaurants, but also running them. Our expert team is made up of previous restaurant owners and operators, giving us a unique insight into effective restaurant design.

From beginning to end, our goal isn’t just to design a floor plan — it’s to put together a complete, 360 degree strategy to help you deliver a great experience to customers, optimize your restaurant for revenue, build loyal customer relationships and more.

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Preparing a floor plan is one of the most important steps in the process of building and opening  your restaurant. From regulations to revenue optimization, our team has extensive experience dealing with every aspect of the floor plan and restaurant design process.

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