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floor layout and decorationAre you searching for an experienced interior design team for your new restaurant? A stylish, effective interior can set your restaurant apart from the competition and create a comfortable, welcoming environment for your customers.

As restaurant design experts and experienced restaurant operators, we understand how vital design is to the success of any restaurant, from a fast food outlet or “fast casual” restaurant to high-end, fine dining establishments.

From small businesses to established restaurant brands, we offer a complete range of restaurant interior design services. Our goal is simple: to create the perfect interior for your restaurant concept, target audience and ideal customer experience.

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Why It Matters

Interior design is one of the most important, valuable components of any successful restaurant, from a fast food outlet to a fine dining establishment.

Despite this, it’s also one of the most overlooked elements of owning and operating a successful restaurant. Many restaurant owners cut their food service business short by neglecting the restaurant’s interior layout, often to focus on other aspects of marketing their business.

From creating a warm, welcoming environment for your customers to developing a clear theme and visual identity for your business, interior design has several major benefits for restaurants of all types and sizes:

  • Creating a “look and feel.” The way your restaurant looks and feels plays a vital role in attracting customers, particularly for return visits. Customers will not only associate your restaurant with a specific taste, but with a certain feeling and interior environment.
  • Forming a specific brand identity. Do you want to position your restaurant as a cheap, cheerful alternative to upmarket dining? Or as a “fast casual” restaurant that’s perfect for a quick, easy lunch? Interior decorating plays a vital role in creating a brand identity for your restaurant — a role that’s just as important as your logo and other branding material.
  • Differentiating your restaurant from competitors. Are your nearest competitors small, simple and designed without comfort in mind? A welcoming, comfortable interior can set your restaurant apart in the mind of customers and earn your business repeat visits.Aiming for elegance? Intimacy? A casual atmosphere? Effective design can set your business apart from the competition by allowing you to create unique strengths for your restaurant.
  • Creating a unique experience. Interior decoration doesn’t just attract customers — it also helps you create a unique, specific dining experience for your customers. It’s important to remember that customers don’t just visit a restaurant for the food, but for the overall dining experience it offers.
  • Helping you generate more revenue. Beyond the visual side, good design can also help your business generate more revenue. From increasing your total table count to maximizing your use of space, a talented, experienced interior designer can design your restaurant with both comfort and revenue optimization in mind.

Our Process

We take a 360 degree approach to interior design for your restaurant. This means that we don’t just look at interior decorating in isolation, but as one essential part of several in designing, planning and building your restaurant as a whole.

As specialists in restaurant design, our process is all about achieving your key objectives. We start by looking at your restaurant category, from fast food to “fast casual,” fine dining and more.

From here, our team looks at the specific type of atmosphere you’re trying to create within your restaurant, from a relaxing, comfortable place to sit down and eat to an accessible and efficient environment that makes popping in for a quick meal a breeze.

As experienced restaurant owners and operators, we understand how important the aesthetics of your restaurant are for success. From color to furniture, decorating and more, our team uses every aesthetic element to create an environment that perfectly matches your vision.

Using our “360 Wall of Ideas” process, we’ll also build a compelling, cohesive brand image for your restaurant that both matches and complements its interior.

From beginning to end, you’ll always be aware of how your restaurant’s interior and floor plan are progressing. Our detailed, comprehensive plans make it simple to take action and build your restaurant once you’ve received permission from landlords, authorities and stakeholders.

The 360 Restaurant Design Advantage

Planning, launching and operating a restaurant can be a stressful, challenging experience. We know because we’ve been there before — not only is our team made up of experienced interior designers and restaurant planners, but we’re also restaurant owners and operators.

Because of this, our goal throughout the entire interior planning and design process isn’t just to put together an effective, comprehensive design plan for your restaurant. It’s also to ensure you can turn this design into a reality without any common setbacks, stresses and inconveniences.

From the start of your project to its conclusion, our proprietary “360 Wall of Ideas” approach lets us focus on numerous aspects of your restaurant at once, from its architecture and exterior to its interior, brand identity, floor plan and more.

The end result isn’t just a design for your restaurant, but a complete vision and plan that makes it easy for you to take action.

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Effective interior design is essential for any successful restaurant. From drawing in customers to creating a unique dining experience, strengthening your brand and encouraging customers to return, your restaurant’s interior can have a range of positive effects for your business.

We’re here to help you set your restaurant apart from the crowd with a welcoming, engaging and effective interior.

Conveniently located in Santa Fe Springs, we’ve worked with a diverse range of restaurants and food service brands throughout Southern California.

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