Top Attractions in Orange County

Orange County


The Orange County (The OC), is a region in Southern California which is known for its Iconic nature in the United States. It is known for its gorgeous beaches, Disneyland Resort, upscale communities, trails, surfing museums and other more. Orange County is a vacation county that has everything someone would like either during the weekend trip or holiday vacation. It has a lot of Beaches, restaurants, museums and shopping malls which is diverse to satisfy different preferences. The major draw is the sunny weather of Southern California. There are various attraction sites in Orange County.


Attraction sites in Orange County


  • The Adventure City

This is an adventure park with various attractions to entertain everyone, thus making it family’s best hang-point despite age and gender. it can contain large groups of people or corporate events. There are places that attract kids. There are also interesting points for adults of different ages, heights, energy state, and interests. Examples include a Petting zoo, rollercoaster (climbing wall), party station and an arcade. Theme park favorite meals are also available.


  • Balboa Fun Zone

Ferris wheel from 1936 has been a striking landmark on the scene of Newport Harbor. In in this beach especially at night or a ride above the horizon, Balboa Peninsula which is in Newport Beach is a place of choice. Ferris carries passengers to the island surrounding the peninsula and there is a view of the historic pier which stands in the view of Glen Martin’s first water-to-water flight to Catalina Island from Balboa in 1912.


  • Bowers Museum

This is a world-renowned attraction site with the accessibility of fine artwork, which is made possible by the prestigious Bowers Museum. American Alliance of Museums accredited Bowers Museum with an honor which only 5% of Museums have nationwide. This Museum celebrates the culture of the world through the respective arts since 1936. It is meant for all despite the age, therefore, there is a place meant for kids. It also provides events for groups.


  • Angels Baseball

The most unique place to pastime in America is Angels Stadium. Los Angeles has been working on perfecting its sport from 1961 for millions of fans. Customizing baseball experience in various ways are offered by Angels Baseball stadium. On their website, there are military, single, group of people, first responder, the season and tickets at discount rates at an economical rate. There are also games played either in the day or in the evening depending on the ball game schedule.


  • Disneyland

This is the most magical place in the whole world. It has both new and old discoveries and is full of fun places for perfect adventure for everyone despite age and preference. Roller coasters, fine dining, cartoon characters and a play space which is interactive comes into life in this charming area. Disneyland gives an experience from the unique dining options.


  • Crystal Cove State Park

This is the largest seashores remaining in Orange County with 2500 acres of land and 3 miles of beach. Southern California is a busy place but Crystal Cove State Park is so peaceful. It has the constituted trails that are 15 miles which range from the easy one to the most strenuous. Those who love physical sports like biking, trekking or equestrian sports will also have their share for good times. Visitors will have a great mid-20th century, a seaside colony of the beautiful vicinity of picturesque cottages.


  • Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

There is a wide variety of animals in these 1300 acres spot of the coastal estuary, therefore it expects many guests. It has a variety of 200+ birds which are within the reserve. During the open water exploration, coastal dunes, salt marsh, mudflats, nesting island for the seabirds and riparian animals attract more guests. This area was used historically for oil production activities and natural oil and is continually under restoration to change by reversal state. The tour and hiking lovers are also covered.